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    About Us

    Beaver Creek Aviary
    942 Loudon Rd.
    St. Thomas, PA 17252

    Beaver Creek Aviary was established in 1991, growing from a hobby to a business shortly thereafter. Our main thrust was breeding and raising baby birds. We were originally located in Hagerstown, MD which is in western Maryland. 

    In February 2005 we purchased a small 35 acre farm about 30 miles away in St. Thomas, PA.  For the next year and a half we built a new bird house for our birds and updated an existing barn to become our new warehouse.  In the middle of June 2006 we moved our business to the new warehouse and started operations from there.  We moved our household items on July 4th, 2006 and within a few weeks we had all the birds in place in the new bird house.

    Over the years we have produced 1400+ babies varying from Cockatiels to Greenwing Macaws, including Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Caiques and African Greys.  Though we longer raise babies our main thrust now is providing top quality bird food and products at reasonable prices to our devoted customers.

    Our intent with our website was not to sell birds, but to provide the pet community with nutritional products that we have been using for many years.

    Our main diet remains Roudybush Pellets, which is supplemented with ABBA, Higgins Seed and Sun Seed mixes along with daily vegetables, breads, treats, and nuts. Our online storefront also features Pretty Bird, Zeigler Brothers, Zupreem, Hagen Products, Harrison's, Laefaber's, cuttlebone and the finest Wisconsin spray millet..

    And for when your best friend is not eating, we carry a select number of toys including Jungle Talk and other fine toys.

    These are the products that we bring to the market on this website at this time.

    We will be adding additional products as they become available.

    We thank our many loyal customers, some who have been purchasing from us since our website inception in September 1999.

    E-Commerce is a tough market to operate and survive in and we owe our success to our customers. 

    Thank YOU!

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