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Quiko Products Explanation


Quiko Products in a Nutshell

Quiko products are professional grade items developed and produced by bird enthusiasts. The line is very broad and can be a little overwhelming. Breaking the line into smaller sub groups helps to understand what it is and how to best use it.

Basically the line can be broken into six sub groups

  1. Egg Food
  2. Soft Food
  3. Food Supplements
  4. Vitamin Supplements
  5. Color Enhancement Supplements
  6. Specialty Products.

Egg Food

Egg foods are made by crumbling a high protein egg enriched baked cake. Egg foods serve as the basic ingredient for a wide variety of feeding mixtures. The basic formula serves as a foundation for the rest of the food line.

Quiko Classic is the base. (Sort of the patriarch of the Quiko family tree.) It is a general food that can be offered to almost any bird being kept in captivity. The remainder of the line is formulated by tweaking this formula, or adding ingredients.

Add canthaxantin (a red color enhancing ingredient) to this and you get Quiko Classic Red- A general food for all species of birds that have red plumage.

Tweak the base Classic formula slightly and you have Quiko Special-A base food for all canaries regardless of color, type or variety.

Add canthaxantin to the base Special formula and you have Quiko Special Red- A general food for all canaries having red factored plumage. (Red factor canaries were originally developed by cross breeding canaries with the Venezuelan Red Siskin, a finch that is now listed on the US Endangered Species Act and CITES.)

Tweak the basic formula, add some seed and you have Quiko Junior-A basic diet for all birds during molt or in times of stress (such as exhibiting or on display in a pet store.)


Tweak the basic formula again and you have Quiko Sitt-An egg food for parakeets and other small hookbills. Sitt is used as a daily supplement to the regular seed diet during molt, or in times of stress, and as a treat two or three times a week throughout the rest of the year.

Change the base formula a bit, add some seed and you get Quiko Exotic-An egg food supplement to the seed diets of exotic finches.

Soft Food

Soft food diets are specifically formulated as the basic diets for a variety of species. A much broader variety of ingredients are added to the egg food base to produce specialized diets. The main difference between egg food and soft food is that egg foods are considered supplements to a seed diet, while the soft foods serve as the main diet.


Quiko Fauna-A seed based mixture that also contains insects. Can be fed to finch type birds or songbirds that are omnivorous (seeds and bugs.)

Quiko Goldy-A non-seed based diet for insectivorous birds.

Quiko Beo-A non-seed based diet for Mynahs, Starlings and Jays (fruit and insect eaters.)

Quiko Bob-A soft food for pheasants, quail, and other ground foraging birds.

Quiko Psitta-A soft food for larger hookbills. Can be used as a basic diet, but best suited as an addition to a normal seed diet.

Quiko Bt-Basic diet for Racing pigeons during the racing season.

Food Supplements

There are two products that fall into this category. These products fit nicely into what we feel is the best way to feed birds. For years we have promoted the concept that there is no such thing as a complete diet. We have always recommended adding variety to a bird's diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and treats. (Canned treats, Fabulous Fruit, Bean Pastamore', etc.)

European aviculturists have taken this concept a step beyond throwing some canned corn in a dish once in a while. They embrace what they call "variegated feeding." Quite simply, they change the daily diet by adding a different variety of ingredients to the basic egg food each day. This provides a great deal of variety and allows the bird breeder to adjust the diet to fit the bird's needs. When birds are molting, or breeding they have higher protein requirements than normal. During such times a breeder would use a lower percentage of the supplement, and a greater percentage of the protein rich egg food.

Quiko has two products specifically designed to accommodate this feeding concept.

Quiko Rusk-A hard baked, dry wheat crumble.

Quiko Carrots-Pelleted carrots.

These two products react the same way and are used in the same manner. After soaking them in water they are added to the egg food. Rusk and Carrots retain the moisture, and change the consistency of the egg food from a dry powder to a fresh moist food.

In a variegated feeding program Rusk and Carrots are fed alternate days. Fresh chopped greens, fruit, and sprouts and hard-boiled eggs are also added to the routine. Each day the birds are fed a slightly different variation. This promotes a well-rounded diet and increases feeding behavior. This feeding program can also be used to vary the protein intake throughout the breeding cycle. Adding a higher percentage of Rusk, Carrots, sprouts, fruits, or greens lowers the overall protein level of the mixture.

A typical routine might be as follows;

Monday- Add Rusk to egg food

Tuesday-Add bean sprouts to egg food

Wednesday-Add Carrots pellets to egg food

Thursday-Add chopped greens to egg food

Friday-Add hard boiled egg to egg food

Saturday-Add diced fruit to egg food

Sunday-Add tofu to egg food.

Vitamin Supplements

Quiko has a very broad range of vitamin supplements including simple daily use multi-vitamins as well as specialized vitamins designed for specific purposes. Generally multivitamins are used year round, but discontinued during the times that a specialized vitamin is being used. For the most part these are available in both liquid and powdered form. All are pharmaceutical grade, and can be used in either the food or the water.


A short history of bird vitamin use in the US.

High quality vitamins for captive exotic birds generally had not been readily available for pet retail in the United States. During the "boom" years of the seventies the only vitamins readily available had been developed for use in farming and poultry. Most of the vitamins being sold as dog and cat vitamins at that time were powdered supplements used on cattle and swine, and surprisingly enough rabbits. Other than poultry vitamins there wasn't anything available for pet birds.

In the early 80's a vitamin line from Germany began appearing in the United States. The line was very high quality, and was species and life cycle specific. These were specialty vitamins in a powdered form, and they took the bird keeping community by storm.

Despite the fact that there are some advantages to liquid vitamins such as potency, ease of use, and dosage control, the use of powdered vitamins became the rage. The quality of these products was so superior to the other vitamins available at the time that a large percentage of the bird owning public was convinced that powdered vitamins were the best products to use.

Quiko is manufactured in Germany where the number one selling bird vitamin is Quikon V (B), a liquid multi-vitamin for daily use.

A multi-vitamin is a general use vitamin designed to provide minimum daily requirements for overall good health. Specific vitamins can be used to specific desired results.


The Quiko vitamin line breaks down like this;

Liquid Vitamins

Quikon V (or Quikon B)- A liquid multi-vitamin for daily use on all birds. It has a natural sweet flavor to over come resistance to taking it. Add to the water, or food.

Quikon SA-The same concept as Quikon V, but developed for small animals.

Quikon Combin-A liquid multi-vitamin formulated specifically for birds during molting season, or in times of stress.

Quikon A-D-E-C- A specialized liquid vitamin mix of vitamins A,D,E, and C that is used to bring birds into peak breeding condition prior to breeding season.

Quikon Vitamin E-A liquid vitamin that is used to promote healing, virility, and fertility.

Powdered Vitamins

Quikon Multivitamin-A powdered daily use multi-vitamin. Sprinkle over the food, egg food, or fruits and vegetables.

Quiko Bio- A powdered vitamin supplement specifically designed to promote proper feather growth. Use during molting, or in instances where the bird has suffered damaged or irregular feather growth.

Quikon Biotin-Biotin promotes feather growth. This is the base ingredient for Bio. It is used by breeders who prefer to use separate components to concoct their formulas.

Quiko Vitamin E Powder-Vitamin E in a powder form to increase fertility

Quikon Forte-A combination of Vitamin E and Iron to promote fertilization, and vigor throughout the breeding season. Use from the beginning of breeding through the first molt of the young.

Quikon Plus-A specialized product to mix with the egg food while the young birds are beginning to grow feathers and fledge. Continue use through the first molt.

Color Enhancement Supplements.

"You are what you eat" really does apply to birds. Plumage condition and coloration are definitely affected by what a bird ingests. Flamingoes for example are only really pink when shrimp are part of their diet. Canary breeders have used a variety of ingredients to enhance the natural color of their birds for generations. They have used paprika, saffron, roxathin red, and beta-carotin and canthaxantin to intensify the natural colors of their birds. Quiko has a fairly broad range of products that serve this purpose. The powders are added to the drinking water or egg food to achieve the results desired.

Although Quiko makes color foods (Classic Red, Special Red, etc.) they also produce the color enhancing supplements as separate items. This may seem a little redundant, but keep in mind that many bird breeders consider their own "secret formula" or feeding method to be the best. These people like to mix their own formulas from scratch. Many canary breeders in fact refuse to buy prepared seed mixes. They want the raw ingredients so that they can mix the seed themselves.

Quikon Intensive-Canthaxantin and vitamins to intensify the red factor coloring.

Quikon Canthaxantin-This is used to accentuate, or highlight the existing red color in birds.

Quikon Beta-Carotin-A natural color enhancer. It enhances the red coloring that already exists in the bird's plumage.

Quikon Yellow-Intensive- Enhances and maintains the yellow color of the plumage.

Specialty Products

Quiko Lori-This is a powder that is mixed with water to make the nectar that lories and lorikeets eat. Although they have a hookbill, and can eat some seed, sprouts and fruit, these birds are primarily nectar eaters. One complaint that people have about lories is the loose stool that a liquid nectar and fruit diet produces. One way to offer a more solid food to these birds is to mix the nectar as directed on the label, and then soak Rusk or Carrots in this liquid before offering to the birds.

Quiko Nectar- A specially formulated nectar powder for hummingbirds, sunbirds, and honey creepers, that eat only nectar in the wild.

Quikon Seaweed Liquid-A liquid designed to naturally intensify dark coloration. Seaweed, and spirulina are both considered to be a general natural health tonics.

Quikon Seaweed Powder-The same general use as the Seaweed liquid in a powdered form.

Quikon Spirulina-Spirulina is dried, powdered algae considered by many people to be a natural general tonic containing carbohydrates, protein and minerals.

Quikon Natural Herbal Tea-Another natural tonic for general health. The concept is that water available for use in the wild has been infused with minerals from plant materials in the water-course. This simulates that natural water source.

Quikon Powder Mix with Grit-A calcium and mineral supplement that helps with digestion and egg production.

Quikon Bath Salt-Mixed with warm water this provides a cleansing bath that encourages preening and improves feather condition. Can be used as a tub-bath , or spray.

Quiko Beer Yeast-Provides protein during weaning and fledging. Use through first molt. Okay, you read the label on the Quikon Plus that lists it's only ingredient as "beer yeast"-What's up? This goes back to the fact that most of our knowledge about successfully raising birds in captivity has been learned the hard way through trial and error. Many tricks of the trade in aviculture have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Old time bird breeders in Germany discovered that the yeast used in manufacturing beer was discarded after the brewing process but still contained high levels of carbohydrates and protein necessary for proper development and growth of the chicks. As a by-product it may have contained some impurities but was inexpensive, and effective. This product is that same time honored beer yeast that Grandpa used on his birds. Quikon Plus uses the same ingredient, but in it's purest form before being used to make beer.

Quikon Med-A natural solution to bacterial, fungal and protozoan infestations of the digestive tract. Made from the essence of the oregano bud Med actually kills Coccidia in a five-day treatment plan. Mix one teaspoon with one kilo of food. Feed the mix for five days. This really works!

The Quiko product line is a wonderful family of products. It is a great product that has fantastic potential here in the United States. It takes a little time to understand the concept behind it. The approach to feeding birds is a little different than you may be used to dealing with, but professional breeders recognize the benefits of this approach.

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